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Classic wedding ceremony bookends - Pachelbel's "Canon in D" for the Processional and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" for the Recessional. The Canon is just ideal for the walk in as it loops a chord progression and can be tailored in length, and it also has a regal quality.
The "Ode to Joy" is powerful and forceful in celebration for the Recessional.
In the summer of 2017 we drove up to Fort Bragg to visit my old guitar teacher and also visit his neighbor and esteemed luthier, Brian Burns, from whom I bought this guitar. His website needed some video content and I supplied it, playing and discussing with him the six guitars he had built in his shop. The idea was to play some music that could demonstrate and show off the exceptional qualities of his guitars and what made each one unique. Visit his website at 
A real masterpiece by the great Paraguayan guitarist Agustín Barrios Mangore - 
"Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios" (An Alm for the Love of God)
An arpeggio etude by Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, "SImple Study No. Six."
A favorite of mine and many classical guitarists called "Romance of the Pines," 
by Federico Moreno-Torroba. Short, lyrical and sweet.
Leyenda - Live At 
Lick Observatory on
Mt. Hamilton, CA
I try out Brian's ultra-lightweight No. 21 Flamenco guitar and get a laugh at the end.
A duet arrangement of Fernando Sor's Etude in Bm (Segovia ed. No. 5) 
with Sean O'Connor. Descant added by Nathan Harris.
"Afro-Cuban Lullaby" in a candle-lit concert for SGS.
Bach's "Musette" arranged for Flute & Guitar, with Francesca Anderson at a Groupmuse House Concert
"Ole de la Curra" arranged for Flute & Guitar, with Francesca Anderson at a Groupmuse House Concert
One of the coolest compositions fro South America, "Sounds of Bells" by João "Pernambuco" Guimarães of Brazil. Enjoy!
Bach Little Prelude in Dm BWV 999 - live at Lick Observatory 2010
"Amplifying the Classical Guitar" Clinic for SBGS

"Serenade" by Philip Rosheger for SBGS in 2010 in 2010. OFf someone's cell phone - talk stops and music starts at 0:45.