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Daniel Roest, Classical Guitar
Laurence Juber Guitar Workshop and Garden Concert
On September 30th former Wings lead guitarist Laurence Juber gave a guitar workshop at my studio prior to giving a garden concert at Williams Pond in Loomis, adjacent to the homes of John and Dilyn Radakovitz and Jim and Diane Williams. Herb Tanimoto and I brought our PA systems, and Patrick McNamara served as MC.

Richard Gilewitz Guitar House Concert and Workshop
Sunday, October 22nd, Florida's globetrotting Richard Goilewitz came to Folsom to present a house concert at our place for about 30 fingerstyle fans. At the intermission break the concert turned into a party as the food and drinks came out and they enjoyed the warm weather in the back yard. Lots of free gifts were passed out coutesy of Richard's sponsor D'Addario Strings. After dinner with RG and his wife Beverly Phillips, we traded tunes and ideas until 2:30am  we really enjoyed meeting each other. 
On the 7pm on the 24th, Richard played and taught for about 50 fans at Nicholson Music Company, and even more goodies like T-shirts and strings were passed out like candy to anyone who asked a question.
At both events, Richard distinguished himself as the drollest performer on the road, with many, many quips, anecdotes and tall tales  very funny.

It is extremely satisfying to see something as wonderful as the Laurence Juber concert and guitar workshop come together as they did September 30th. Not a complaint from anybody, and everyone was happy and grateful. The evening concert was enjoyed by an audience of a wide age range and set by a large private pond, with lights strung through the trees, a lit stage with great sound, and two forty-five minute solo sets by LJ. Food and wine were served, and everyone involved in the production worked with enthusiasm. The afternoon workshop at our home was an opportunity to learn from a true master of the instrument who clearly articulated useful concepts and techniques. After a break for lunch with him and his lovely wife Hope, and a second session, the cameras came out and we said good-byes until the evening concert. I look forward to seeing more of. this kind of close interaction with great artists happening locally. • DR
Fall, 2006     174 Briggs Ranch Drive, Folsom, CA 95630 . www.danielguitar.com . 916.294-0400. daniel@danielguitar.com 
Guest artist Peppino D'Agostino takes a moment with DR and David Johnson after an amazing concert we shared at Lick Observatory .
Clockwise from left: John Hudson, Gene Graham, Valerie Versis,  Laurence Juber,  Mike Brennan,  Arnie Larson,  Steven Stafford, DR, Herb Tanimoto, Jim Frank.
Recent Events
Lick Observatory Concerts
The artistic highlight of my year is going to Lick Observatory in the late summer for a pair of concerts. This year was with two great players, Muriel Anderson Septmeber 15th and Peppino D'Agostino September 16th. Both concerts were just plain fun. Plan to go next year!
Laurence Juber held a crowd of 140 spellbound at at garden concert I produced September 30th in Loomis, CA.
Photo by Kenna Love © 2002
Craig Roest pops out of the hatch on Folsom Lake the day after the big concert.
Legato Summer 2006 issue
Photo by Hope Juber
On a Personal Note
Photo by Janet Johnson
Many thanks to Jim and Diane Williams and John and Dilyn Radakovitz of Williams Pond Lane in Loomis for hosting Laurence Juber’s garden concert!!. • DR
Concert and Workshop Calendar
French exhibition highlights guitar heroes
What are House Concerts?
 Richard Gilewitz
The guitar house concert and workshop series continues with amazing guitarists coming to our area. The remaining schedule is:

Nov 29         Bruce & Dunnaly
Jan 28, 29    Muriel Anderson
Feb 24, 25   George Sakellariou
Mar 24, 25        
           Michael Chapdelaine
Apr 28, 29     James Kline
May 19              
          Peppino D’Agostino