On Practice: The Right Hand
By Daniel Roest

The right hand is worthy of a large proportion of your attention. The right hand is where rhythm, tone and expression start. So, make it a top priority every time you practice. Here are tips for great right hand technique:
·Base your right hand technique on relaxation. Find the most efficient and relaxed way to play anything.
·Put your right hand in the best position for whatever you're doing at any given moment.
·Whether you play classical style, with a pick or not, learn both rest strokes and free strokes and how to switch instantly between them. A rest stroke lands on an adjacent string; a free stroke doesn't.
Classical and fingerstyle players should execute free strokes moving mainly fro the middle knuckle and much less from the 3rd knuckle (by the nail). Emulate the way you click your finger for the ideal free stroke. Be sure to hold your hand at a distance from the strings which allow you to easily pull through and return. In fact, you should be able to fan the strings with your finger tips from this hand position.
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