​What my fellow teaching artists have said about The Guitar Organizer:

“Daniel — It looks really great! You are sooo good at this!” —Michael Chapdelaine, GFA Winner and National Fingerpicking Champion, Guitar Professor, University of New Mexico

“...really, really good... versatile... I’ll require it in my classes.” —Lawrence Ferrara, GSP Recording Artist and —Professor of Guitar, City College of San Francisco and San Francisco Conservatory

“I’ve read through The Guitar Organizer and I like it. I would definitely recommend it to students and even use it myself as I am often lacking in organization. I like the overall scheme and find especially useful the pages on Memorization and Success With Barre Chords. Those contained some of the best advice I’ve seen on those topics... I think the Practice Log is a good motivator... I also like the overall very positive tone to the writing.” 
—Mike Sult, Guitar Professor, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills

“I think your Organizer is efficient and effective.  It’s nice to see an organization of all essential aspects of learning the guitar. So often we have books of a specific genre of guitar but it’s rare to find something that encompasses all  the essential aspects of learning the guitar.” —William Jenks, private instructor and owner, Portland Classic Guitar

“I am very impressed with your [Guitar] Organizer...  It's a product we all need as teachers and I think we are giving an inferior product as guitar teachers until we use something like this.  I haven't seen anything that matches or even comes close.” “After reading your writing I am more excited than ever to have you teach my students.  Your teaching is the most inclusive of the essential details I've seen to date.”   —Gordon Rowland, Owner, GuitarWork, Novato, CA

“Thanks for sending The Guitar Organizer. It looks really good.” —David Tanenbaum, Chair, Guitar Department, San Francisco Conservatory  

“I reviewed The Guitar Organizer. I am certain that The Guitar Organizer will be very useful, both for the  classroom and also for the individual student. Congratulations and you have my support. All the best.”
—Bahram Behroozi, Professor of Guitar, San Jose City College, San Jose State University

“Daniel- I like your book and concept; organization is something I’ve been planning to focus on with myself and my students as well in the coming year. It’s difficult to stay organized and it requires discipline especially when one is out of school!” —Danny Yarritu, private instructor, San Jose

“I find your work to be very interesting from a practical and organizational perspective. Congratulations and good luck with your publications.” —Roberto Corrias, private guitar instructor, The Nicholson Music Company, Folsom

“You have done an excellent job. I will be happy to make my students aware of the [Guitar Organizer] when it becomes available to the public. Thank you for sharing your work with me.”
—Eddie Honeyeater, private instructor, The Nicholson Music Company, Folsom

“Excellent work on The Guitar Organizer. I like the approach and appreciate you sharing it with me.”
—Benett Zussman, private instructor, Los Gatos/Saratoga

“It’s a great idea!” —Guy Cantwell, Guitar Professor, Cabrillo College, Aptos

“Great work on The Guitar Organizer!” —Louis Valentine Johnson, composer and Dos Almas recording artist

“I really like the idea of organizing a student’s lesson with this binder. All in all, great job putting this together and I hope I can use it one day.” —Michael Bautista, private instructor, San Jose

I think it’s a really great thing for students and teachers to have.”
—Tim Volpicella, private instructor and co-owner, Open Path Music, San Jose
The Guitar Organizer is my system for helping you practice productively and stay organized. It is a 3-ring binder with 8 tabbed and labeled dividers plus 37 pages of instruction and guidance. Every one of my private students has one.
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"Daniel, I can't thank you enough. The organizer is awesome and exactly what I needed to help me get organized and better focus on the skills needed to better my playing." —Ro Johnson-Smith

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