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Fall 2008
Guitar Performances
"Here's what happened"
—Adrian Monk​, TV Detective

Or more like what happened despite the shutdown in 2020​

DEC 20, 2pm Daniel joins San Francisco Classical Guitar Society Holiday online
DEC 9, 3pm DR live concert for Ansel Park Senior Living, Roseville
DEC 6, 1pm Daniel and Francesca play virtual concert for Sacramento Flute Club
NOV 20, 3pm DR live concert for Ansel Park Senior Living, Roseville
OCT 18, 5pm DR live concert for Roberts Family, EDH
OCT 17, 8am DR in panel discussion for Classical Gala West with Meng Su 
OCT 9, 4pm DR plays Gabriela Domini's wedding, Leaning Tree Lodge, Placerville
OCT 2, 4pm DR performs for Olivia James-Brandon Rains wedding, Granite Bay
SEP 19, 7:30pm Daniel and Francesca GROUPMUSE Live Stream Concert, Chico
JUN 20, 5pm Daniel and Francesca play for Emily Hopper wedding, Helwig Winery POSTPONED, REPLACED WITH:
JUN 20, 7pm Daniel and Francesca In Concert Live Streamed on YouTube for the Groupmuse classical music platform.
JUN 13, 6-8pm DR performs classical & romantic music for Bachus House Wine Bar and Bistro (BHWB&B) (cover me, I'm going in!)
JUN 13, 10am DR performs at AseraCare Butterfly Release, UOP, 3601 Pacific Ave.     POSTPONED
MAY 9, 5-8pm DR performs classical & romantic music for BHWB&B CANCELED
MAY 2, 4pm DR performs for Olivia James-Brandon Rains wedding, Granite Bay POSTPONED
APR 11, 5-8pm DR performs classical & romantic music for BHWB&B CANCELED
MAR 21, 7:30pm SGS presents Muriel Anderson at Harris Center POSTPONED
MAR 14, 5-8pm DR performs classical & romantic music for BHWB&B
FEB 8, 5-8pm DR performs classical & romantic music for BHWB&B
JAN 25, 3pm DR performs at Phil Green Life Celebration in Palo Alto
JAN 24, 6-8PM DR performs for Gallery at 48 Natoma Artists' Reception, Folsom
JAN 18, 6-8pm Solo ambience music for Third Saturday Artists Reception, Allied Ceramic Art Institute Studios & Gallery, refreshments, 7425 Winding Way, Fair Oaks
JAN 11, 5-8pm DR performs classical & romantic music for BHWB&B

Summer 2008
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A visit from former student Sol Younan, from Toronto, late January. He treated me to Bach on my Brian Burns guitar.
    All my gigs and concerts went Bye-Bye
when a once-in-a-century global pandemic changed "normal life" for the entire planet. Having retired (just in time) from presenting other artists in concert at Harris Center for the Performing Arts, I had teaching and performing to put food on the table. But with one last show in March - it all went away - weddings, art shows, concerts - gone. 

Fortunately teaching was not stopped - just drastically changed. I did not lose a single private student as they adjusted to the only way we could access each other - the Internet. With Zoom lessons, my desk setup changed to accommodate webcams and mics. As for lost income, first came the Stimulus check from the Treasury, and the California's unemployment insurance program came to my rescue.

So with teaching bringing the usual income along with unemployment insurance covering lost performing income, we're okay, when so many others are not. One big concern is the immense reliance we have on technology to function. In fact, I found a way to express it March 28th, and I hope you enjoy it:

by Daniel Roest, Folsom, CA

Everything was cool, and I had it in control
When a bat in a cage sent a Virus on a roll.
Now we’re stuck at home, and we’re doin’ what it takes –  
But God help us if the Internet breaks!

“Stay At Home and Stay Apart” - the “New Abnormal” Tune
The Health Officials always said the Curve was coming soon!
Now the whole Economy is slammin’ on the brakes,
But God help us if the Internet breaks!

We’re quite resourceful, don’t you think, with Zoom and Skype and such,
But with all the logging on – it might just be too much! 
Good luck with that and keepin’ safe and doin’ what it takes –  
But God help us if the Internet breaks!

The Silver Lining of this thing, despite the major shocks,
And shuttering of businesses and plunging of our stocks,
We share the pain and work online, we’re doin’ what it takes –  
But God help us if the Internet breaks!

That's right - we're in deep doodoo if the Internet fails - but I'm actually confident that with
so much invested in it by the entire world, the powers that be will protect and maintain it.
New hobby - cookies!
I'm joined by friends Joyce, Diane and Sara at my January gig at the Gallery at 48 Natoma. I love art gallery receptions!
Look at this - I was able to pull off the freeway heading to the Bay Area and catch the odometer on the Infiniti that has been the "steel horse I ride" since buying it new in 2001.
I sure like making cookies, giving them to friends – ingredients change but currently are: oats, wheat, rye, barley, flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, dried cherries, raisins, pecans, sunflower seeds, salt, baking soda. SO good.
A big event in March was producing a benefit concert for a local venue struggling to survive, the Nicholson MusiCafe. We called it Daniel Roest & Friends, and I had teachers from the music store next door join me. We raised over $1000 that night. Unfortunately, ultimately, they had to throw in the towel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Clarinetist, saxophonist and vocalist Jerry Fairlie charmed the socks off the audience at the Nicholson MusiCafe Benefit Concert March 25th.

It used to be that every Thursday morning I would drive down to 48 Natoma in Folsom for morning yoga and teaching guitar for the Seniors Guitar Class. Then the whole building shut down, so both classes meet online now. But before the shutdown, the guitar class took a field trip to Creekside Oaks to give a concert – very well received.

My son Craig and I made a retaining wall for more growing area and made a path leading down to it. Behind the Manzanita is a 50 sq' red brick patio area. This all used to be just a rocky slope from the house to the fence.

The annual clearing of the brush by around 500 goats has begun again. This trail is a several hundred yard wide open space area between our neighborhood and a main artery and supports the electrical lines running north and south. 
So with just a short walk after dinner we are treated to this scene for a couple weeks a year.
Daniel and Francesca break the full stop to performing with their first Live Stream concert.

​After two months of planning, work setting up the live stream technical side and promotion, Francesca Anderson and I pulled off a very successful concert for Groupmuse Saturday, June 20, 2020. We had the biggest turnout the Groupmuse emcee had seen for these events. Groupmuse is a social network supporting classical musicians. "Classical concerts in living rooms. They're casual, friendly, and intimate. Anyone can host, and anyone can attend." She also praised our sound, which is a challenge to balance flute and guitar for the end consumer listening on the web. I added a tasteful amount of reverb that suited the combination well. Here's a snapshot:

Musette & March (Anna Magdalena Bach, 1722) J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Sicillienne (1898, from Pellèas et Mélisande) Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
Syrinx (1913) Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Pastoralle Joyeuse (arr. Laurindo Almeida) Emile Desportes 
Porcelain Ballet Randy Masters 
b. 1950)
Ole de la Curra Baroque Era Spanish Dance
Native American Double Bore Wooden Flute, Ocarina, Chinese Wood Flute Alto Flute, East Indian Wood Flute and Piccolo demo
Celtic Medley
Entr’acte (1935) Jacques Ibert 
Czardas (1904) Vitorio Monti 
​A note from the Groupmuse emcee in Los Angeles:

Dear Daniel, 
It was my absolute pleasure to be part of your concert yesterday evening - in addition to getting to meet so many friendly and enthusiastic fans, friends and Groupmusers, it was an incredible joy to get to listen to the program. You and Francesca play so beautifully together and it was such a lovely evening to be part of.
I'll keep you posted as I get my own next Groupmuse performance scheduled and it would be lovely to work with you again anytime. Looking forward to next time!
All my best,
Lily Press, Groupmuse