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Daniel Roest, Classical Guitar
Legato Summer 2006
Legato Fall 2006
Folsom's new Senior and Arts Center opens
Folsom's new Senior & Arts Center opened at 48 Natoma Street on June 1st. Thanks to Gallery Coordinator Cindy Abraham, I had the opportunity to entertain for the opening, as I did in February for the opening of Folsom's new Library just down the street. Located in the old Fire Station Headquarters between City Hall and the Police Station, the renovated building includes a large activities room and lounge for seniors, a spacious art gallery, pottery room, fine arts classroom, reception area, conference room and staff offices.
The first exhibit was “First Impressions,”  and featured landscapes by three artists: oils and pastels by Diane Jahns, photography by Ric Hornor and oils by Alejandro Rubio. The current exhibit features figurative works in two and three dimensions by: Nicholson Blown GlassRich and Janet NicholsonJennifer Maria Harria, oils on canvas and Lisa Deniz, metal and fused glass, works on canvas. Panflutist Guillermo Villagomez provided music for the second show.
Editor Stephan Rekas at music megapublisher MEL BAY invited me to write three columns for GUITAR SESSIONS, its internet magazine,  where you can find So You Want to Make a Living with the Guitar, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. It's no secret that artists have an uphill battle in actually making a living in the arts. And yet it can be done. Read what I have to say and tell me what you think! While you're there, take some time to browse the rest of this fine resource for guitarists.
Legato Winter 2007
A new column for Mel Bay's online magazine
Peppino sneaks into Folsom
Way off the radar and not on his website calendar, "Best Acoustic Guitarist" (Acoustic Guitar Magazine 2007 Readers Poll) Peppino D'Agostino came to support his friend, photographer Billie Jean Redemeyer for the artist reception at the Fike Gallery, 627 Sutter Street, run by Theresa and David Fike. He asked if I'd like to play a couple of tunes with him - "Just play anything - I'll follow you" -  and I leapt at the chance. It was a thrill to play with him. After the show Chuck Wolfe and I enjoyed a meal at Infusion, a great Thai/Global restaurant under the Regal Theater in El Dorado Hills, then I enjoyed two sets from Dam Road Closed, including guitarist Dave Lancisi, father of my student Isabella.
Pausing at the Grand Opening of the new Folsom Senior and Arts Center with Folsom City Manager Kerry Miller June 1st. The site was formerly Natoma Street Fire Station and saved the city about half of the cost of new construction.
Legato Spring 2007
The view from where I sit at a summer wedding, where I'm privileged to provide the right music at the right time. 
Alison, Craig and I took the July 4th week for a short vacation, this year to the Santa Rosa area. Highlights of the trip were an afternoon and evening at Safari West, a 400-acre African wildlife preserve, a family friendly park dedicated to education and conservation, the nearby Petrified Forest, the Charles M. Shulz Museum and the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, a botanical showcase and educational center.
Take Five (Days)
In June we visited the ranch of general contractor Chuck Wolfe, who has volunteered at some of our concerts this year, and got to know his horse Sariah, rode her bareback, did some mining and exploring an abandoned mine, and tried to avoid all the poison oak.
At the end of the school year the Folsom Hills Elementary School Music Program put on its Spring Concert, where both my son Craig and my student Brandon Kane performed. Brandon's parents Michael and Michelle, above, beamed with pride.
Everyone's heard of the devasting Angora Fire at South Lake Tahoe. Just two weeks earlier we were guests of Jim and Gloria Hildinger, owners of the Angora Resort. Fortunately, 200 firefighters successfully defended the resort and no harm came apart from a major interruption in bookings. Gloria comes all the way from Tahoe to take lessons with me in the off season.
THE THEME was Italian, so Peppino and I jammed over Ferdinando Carulli and Matteo Carcassi, and finished with my composition Villa Nueva. Being up close to Peppino's playing is kind of like hanging your head over a Ferrari engine revving. He happens to come from the city of Torrino, where Ferraris are made. 
Kremona classical guitars are now carried locally by the Nicholson Music Company.  Some of my students have purchased them, and I have to say that for the price, they have quite a nice tone. Fractional guitar sizes for smaller hands (7/8, 3/4, and 1/2) are available as well as full size. Drop in to Nicholson's and speak with Nick Nicholson, who is expert in guitar construction and repair, about the guitars and his trip to their factory.

The company has an interesting history, and the international company (U.S., Germany and Russia) is represented in the U.S just down 50 in Rancho Cordova.
MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC with her Kremona guitar is Delyana Popov at her weekly guitar lesson.