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Fall 2008
"Here's what happened"
-Adrian Monk, TV Detective
DEC 24 9AM Daniel and Francesca perform for Saratoga Country Club Christmas Eve Brunch.
DEC 21 3PM DR hosts Holiday Concert for Sacramento Guitar Society
DEC 8 6PM Daniel and Susan Lamb Cook perform two short private guitar & cello concerts
NOV 23 3PM DR hosts Yuri Liberzon for Sacramento Guitar Society
NOV 15 NOON-4PM DR provides music for Amador Cellars 10th Anniversary
OCT 19 3PM DR hosts monthly meeting for Sacramento Guitar Society.
OCT 4-5 DR introduces Roland Dyens for Sacramento Guitar Society
SEP 20 4PM DR perform for Matt and Michelle's wedding in Nevada City
SEP 14 3PM DR hosts monthly meeting for Sacramento Guitar Society
SEP 13 2PM DR performs for Laura Hendricks' wedding in Coloma
AUG 30 DR performs a concert for the Ross Collection in Ojai, CA
AUG 26 7PM Daniel and Francesca perform in concert for Sun City Lincoln Hills at Kilaga Springs Lodge
AUG 16, 2014. DR's annual Lick Observatory concert on Mt. Hamilton - the guest this year will be Stevie Coyle. Always a sold-out show. Get tickets early!
AUG 9, 7PM Daniel and Francesca in concert at The Strum Shop, Roseville.
JUL 27, 10AM DR performs at Effie Yeaw Nature Center for Morrison Family Memorial
JUL 26 1PM DR performs for Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Carmichael
JUL 19, DR performs in Curtiss and Linda's wedding in Modesto, CA
JUN 28 DR performs in Sonia and George's Engagement Party at Mather Regional Park.
JUN 21 DR performs in Tommy Bahama's Summer Solstice promotion, Roseville Galleria.
JUN 6 7:30PM Daniel and Francesca perform in concert for GuitarWork at the St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Benicia - $15. (707) 745-0307.
JUN 1 DR will be a Guitar judge for Chinese Music Teachers' Association of Northern California (CMTANC) International Youth Music Competition on June 1, 2014 at Braun Music Center of Stanford University
May 31 DR performs for the Spring Gala of the American River Natural History Assn. at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael.
MAY 18 3PM DR hosts last meeting of the 2013-14 season for Sacramento Guitar Society, featuring the Sacramento Guitar Orchestra Spring Concert
May 17, DR perform at Kristin Porter's wedding, Granite Bay
May 17, DR performs at Dave and Sonia's wedding, St. John the Baptist, Folsom. 
MAR 4 2PM DR introduces Isaac Bustos for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAY 3 8PM DR introduces Isaac Bustos for Sacramento Guitar Society
APR 27 3PM DR introduces Chase Onodera and the guitar class of Live Oak Waldorf Schoool in Auburn for Sacramento Guitar Society
APR 19 Substitute teaching in Saratoga all day. Philip Rosheger Memorial event San Bruno.
APR 12 Substitute teaching in Saratoga all day
MAR 22 5PM DR plays private party in Placerville
MAR 16 3PM DR hosts March meeting for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAR 2 2PM DR introduces Marc Teicholz for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAR 1 8PM DR introduces Marc Teicholz for Sacramento Guitar Society
FEB 1 8PM DR introduces the AlmaNova Duo for Sacramento Guitar Society
JAN 19 3PM DR introduces from Long Beach Guitar Society, Michael Anthony Nigro for Sacramento Guitar Society
JAN 13, 8PM Daniel and Francesca in concert at Los Magonos, Brentwood, CA
JAN 10 7pm, Daniel and Francesca in concert at for the Knights Templar in Fairfield, installation of officers, Masonic Lodge
DEC 8 3PM DR hosts Holiday Concert for Sacramento Guitar Society
DEC 7 3PM DR plays and leads singalong at private party in Rancho Cordova
NOV 17 3PM DR hosts monthly meeting for Sacramento Guitar Society
NOV 2-3 DR introduces David Burgess for Sacramento Guitar Society
OCT. 27 DR plays for a 35th wedding anniversary 
OCT 20 3PM DR hosts monthly meeting for Sacramento Guitar Society.
OCT. 16 Noon DR plays for the openin gof Legado de Ravel DR plays for the openin gof Legado de Ravel in Sacramento
OCT 13 4:30PMDR plays Megan Bell's wedding in Auberge du Soleil Resort in Napa Valley
SEP 29 11AM DR provides music for Crocker Art Museum Annual Director’s Circle Event in Clarksburg, CA
SEP 15 3PM DR introduces Sweden's Celia Linde for Sacramento Guitar Society
SEP 6 6PM Daniel and Francesca play for 48 Natoma Gallery Opening
AUG 30 7PM Daniel and Francesca play for Kremona Guitars at The Strum Shop, Roseville, free.
JULY 27, 2013. My annual Lick Observatory concert on Mt. Hamilton - my guest this year will be LAURENCE JUBER. Always a sold-out show. "LJ" is a Grammy-winning guitar hero who toured for years with Paul McCartney and Wings. Get tickets early! - it always sells out. Info: Music of the Spheres, Box Office phone 831-459-2159
JUNE 29, 2013 Private event Belmont, CA
JULY 20, 2013 Saturday, 2pm, my home studio, Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop with GRAMMY winning artist, instructor and author Mark Hanson! Read an article on Mark - RSVP with Daniel
JUNE 1, 6PM Corporate event at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento.
MAY 19 3PM DR introduces Duo Saxe of Norway for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAY 10, 8PM Daniel and Francesca in concert for Yuba City College, Yuba City
MAY 5 2PM Daniel and Francesca in concert for Guitar Work, Novato
MAY 4 8PM Daniel and Francesca in concert for Guitar Work, Petaluma
APR 21 3PM DR introduces David Grimes and Gregory Newton
APR 19 7:30PMDR is guest artist with Gordon Rowlad an dFriends - see poster, right.
APR 7 2PM DR introduces the Beijing Guitar Duo for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAR 17 3PM DR introduces Arthur Dente for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAR 3 2PM DR introduces Paul Galbraith for Sacramento Guitar Society
MAR 2 8PM DR introduces Paul Galbraith for Sacramento Guitar Society
JAN 13, 8pm, Flute and Guitar Duo Concert with Francesca Anderson, Brentwood, CA
​JAN 9, 2013, Noon Daniel Roest & Francesca Anderson, Music At Noon, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento. Westminster Presbyterian Church Music at Noon
December 15, 2012 Flute & Guitar private holiday party in Belmont
December 8, 2012  Flute & Guitar Duo with Francesca Anderson, Themis Computer Annual Party
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This year I got to bring my son Craig, a great father-son road trip. Here he is with our friends from Roseville, Bennie and Irish Carter.
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Hanging Out With a Master

 The clear highlight of the year personally was the extraordinary privilege of hosting the great French composer-guitarist-improviser Roland Dyens for TEN DAYS.

 You have to realize what an extraordinary opportunity this was, both for the Sacramento Guitar Society's concert season and for me as a guitarist and presenter. An excerpt from Dyens' publicity: 

 "Always transformative events, Roland Dyens’ concerts unfold as personal experiences of emotional awakening for the audience. Inspired by the musical unity demonstrated in his concerts, audience members will often later use the impact of the artist’s virtuosity and creativity to guide their own perception of music and, more broadly, their lives as well. For those who are unfamiliar with the contours and nuances of classical guitar performance, one often witnesses an inspirational discovery of the instrument and its musical potential, not to mention the pleasure it gives the audience." All true!
 Due to a gap in Dyens' international tour, I was asked by his manager, Russ De Angelo, to consider hosting him for an unusually long time. The longest I had ever hosted an artist was five days. Ten would be too much for most families, but I'm blessed with a loving, understanding and completely supportive wife and son. They really do enjoy the artists whom I present in concert and and don't mind sharing our home. 

 We really became fast friends, and all who met Roland were simply amazed.
Tango and Skai encore on YouTube
 Outside the Nicholson MusiCafe in Folsom, feeling very European - I learned to like double espressos but didn't start smoking!
 Speaking of smoking, it's good he liked to work outdoors! And he worked very long hours to finish a composition commission on a deadline. Here he uses my cheapest guitar.
 After I had a gig and met Good Day Sacramento Morning anchor Marianne McClary, I suggested she interview Roland when he arrived. It was a charming interview, though very early in the morning the day after he arrived.
 On the second full day here it was another early morning or us getting down to the Capitol Public Radio station for and Insight on-air interview. Here he speaks with Pamela Wu between playing two pieces, one completely improvised. The interview was a great success and boosted our audience.
 The concert was well attended and took place at the Rendezvous, an event center in Chico with high ceilings, wood floors and professional sound and lighting. It began with an improvisation and concluded with a cheering crowd calling for more.
 I drove Roland up to Chico to do a concert my friend Warren Haskell arranged. Here Warren visits with one of his guitar heroes in his own back yard.
 We had three community outreach events, at Folsom and Rosemont High Schools and this masterclass at CSUS.
 The Sunday matinee concert was in a church in midtown Sacramento - First United Methodist Church. There was something about the light, sound, room and time that made for his favorite of the three concerts. It was magical, one of the greatest concerts I've experienced, let alone produced.
 We had to stop for this photo op!
 Roland shares a laugh with my student, Kenneth Chen. He absolutely loved meeting people.
Our names in lights! The concert was sold out in advance, a very happy condition. After the concert we all look through telescopes!
Lick Observatory

 I can't tell you how I look forward to the Lick Observatory Concert on Mt. Hamilton each year. I literally think about it all year . 
Fingerstyle guitar-meister Stevie Coyle was my guest this year, playing immediately following my own Great Guitars! solo set. I chose him for 2014 for his terrific Travis style steel-string playing, some of which accompanied his singing, and droll humor and story-telling.  He was pretty blown away by the experience, writing about it for days afterward on facebook.
My dear friend Herb Tanimoto came up once again to produce the sound amplification and spend the night on the mountain, something only the artists are invited to do.
Donated Guitars

 A pet project of the Sacramento Guitar Society this past year has been to underwrite a Summer Guitar Camp in Sacramento and new and used guitars to the program. Below, camp director Ben McClara receives seven brand new guitars at Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy in October, 2014. On the left is the new President of SGS, Steve Roberts.
Guest Instructor, Judge

  Stanley Lee is a classical guitarist who not only teaches classical guitar at his own academy in Cupertino but conducts an orchestra and organizes many events. He asked if I would be a judge at Stanford for the Chinese Professional Music Teachers Association Instrumental Compeition - a very large, multi-instrument event, along with Steven Lin, guitar instructor at San Jose State University, and I gladly accepted. Dr. Lee was a generous host, putting me up at his home in San Jose for two nights while he and his wife visited China. For those two weeks I arrived in San Jose, met by their son, hit the hay and headed for the academy to teach his talented and devoted guitar students.
Flute and Guitar Duo Performances with Francesca
 Francesca Anderson and I really had a good series of concerts over the last two years, performing concerts at Lick Observatory (guest artist Laurence Juber), Sacramento's Westminster Presbyterian Church, St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Benicia, the Knights Templar Hall in Fairfield, Guitar Work in Petaluma, Yuba City College in Marysville, the Strum Shop in Roseville and Kilaga Springs Lodge at Sun City Lincoln Hills. Some reviews and reactions we got were:

"Daniel, to say that your performance with Francesca was the highlight of our Evening Classical Guitar Concert Series would be an understatement. From your first piece to the last the audience was captivated and enthralled. Your incredible musicality and subtle shaping of melody and harmony weaved a performance not to be forgotten anytime soon." 
— Robert Mathews, producer, Yuba College Evening Classical Guitar Concert Series. June 2013

"Please extend my appreciation to Francesca for today's smooth, golden-toned flute music. You are an excellent musical ensemble and I will recommend you whenever I can." 
— Brad Slocum [Westminster Presbyterian Church Music At Noon Director] Jan. 2013

"Daniel, what a wonderful evening. Both you and Francesca were a hit with everyone. Some of the comments I received were: 'The evening went too fast. I was mesmerized by the music.' 'This is what we moved here for. The music along with the education was brilliant.' You raised the bar very high for the next performance. I can't thank you enough for creating a program that I had only envisioned. I will pass you name along to a few other associations that I know of. I will look into all three of your recommendations.  Again, thank you and Francesca for giving us such a soulful evening." 
— Richard Garcia, Club Los Maganos, Brentwood , CA. Jan 2013
Roest... like "Rooster"
My Butterfly Collection

For years now I have had a link on the website called "Guitarists Presented," kind of buried and hard to find. It served as a record of most of the guitarists I've presented. 
I recently updated it and gave it a facelift, and it really surprised me, even though I was there for everything —  it's huge! 

Click the link and  see it for yourself!
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 This concert was well attended - sold out - and everything clicked with the program. We got a nice standing ovation.
 The Strum Shop is a wonderful music shop in Roseville with a very active series of classes and performances. We played a concert there surrounded by banjos and ukuleles. Ukuleles have exploded in popularity.
 Our son Craig touches a 1.6 billion-year-old rock on the "trail of Time" at the Grand Canyon's South Rim. We took a 2100-mile ten day road trip after Christmas 2013.
Immediately following judging the guitar competition with Steve Lin and Stanley Lee. Dr. Lee's students did well but a student from another program won.
 Quite a treat having my brothers Franklin and Mark drive up from the Bay Area to see our son Craig play the Big Bad Wolf and the King in Shrek, the Musical. We laughed our heads off inside the theater.
 Big day in our life - Craig's graduation at Vista del Lago in Folsom. Proud mom and Dad! He had a great senior year enjoying drama, concert band and computer animation classes, and making good friends.
 My yoga pals Joyce, Christine and Donna, who are also big into ukulele. We meet up after yoga class at Nicholson MusiCafe.
 Here are a couple of shots from the annual Renaissance Fair in Folsom. Craig got braids for his now-long hair, and we were swept up into a spontaneous improv with Shakespearean actors at the gate.